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Gary W. Breisch

You may be here looking for Solar, Bee Products such as honey or pollen, Organic Gardening, or Product Development such as Electric Vehicles or any of a numerous list of subjects.

I have created several groups on Facebook so send me a friend request and I will gladly accept it and look up my local groups the start with “SandSpringOK” such as “SandSpringsOK Solar Coop” and then you will fine the world wide groups such as “SolarSchool” and other subject related to the above mentioned subjects.

Groups are the best way on Facebook to share ideas, current events or developments, and easily show the in full color both in text and pictures.  Go to the “Contact” menu at this www.gbreisch.com site to get all my contact information.

Since 1976, Gary Breisch with his Civil Engineering Degree, Planning Graduate work,  experience in those disciplines, design of home sites, commercial and resort developments, and homes, and Land Surveying experience since 1965 (he was born in 1949), has provided in-depth services in his area of expertise and location near Sand Springs.  Now totally retired from Land Surveying, he works with solar on and off grid systems, gardening, beekeeping and related bee products locally, electric vehicles, and wireless phone systems in his active hobbies as time allows.



Welcome – A Quick Word From G. W. Breisch

Dear Visitors,

Thank you for taking the time to visit.  I hope to help you with your desires or needs related to my experience and knowledge.  If I cannot answer your questions right away, I will usually try to find the answers for you or work with you to find someone who can help you.  Gary provides  services to others  locally and training  world wide.

Keep checking back to get the latest updates.  Look for upcoming articles of interest on this website to help you take advantage of the experience and advice available.

Ask about “The Secret” revealed to the World recently.


Gary W. Breisch, Owner

One of several New Logos:

Solar Related Interests

Solar Related Interests

About the old logo and the byline atwww.gbreisch.com:

The name to the right of the GWB  survey transit like logo now reads:

“Gary W. Breisch”

Robert E. Breisch updated the header graphic logo for the www.gbreisch.com site with information requested by Gary W. Breisch December 16th, 2010.  You might notice it is

Gary W. Breisch,  as Robert figured the logo has all three initials of the Gary W. Breisch name in it.  The “G”, little symbolic “w” in scope of transit image, and “B” for the “GWB” initials.  Robert believes that it adds a tad more professionalism to the site’s title, sort of like you dressed up with suite/tie for the presentation.

Robert was able to make the most descriptive tagline fit after some resizing and adjustment.

The Tagline below name now reads:
“Advanced Measuring and Mapping Services for Land Surveying,
Construction Staking and Related Services”

Gary appreciates his son’s fine job in building and enhancing websites with the attributes, associated art, and graphics used in them.

Gary W. Breisch Contact Information

Gary W. Breisch
3001 South 137th West Ave
Sand Springs, OK, 74063-5022 USA

gary@gbreisch.com  or  gbreisch@gmail.com


918-261-4279 – Google Voice System (text, call, or leave messages)