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Gary W. Breisch
3001 South 137th West Ave - Sand Springs, OK, 74063-5022 USA   – Find me mostly near Lat,Lon of 36.12068,- 96.14577 in decimal degrees. - - 918-261-4279 – Facebook name is Gary W. Breisch and my base page is at   – See below for more information…….




Even though I send some mail at my desktop from  - all email ends up at  and runs through the gmail email servers due to best service and database to eliminate spam.


918-261-4279 – Google Voice System (you can text, call, or leave messages it acts like a cell phone).  It has limitations like not being able to use short text code or send or get pictures, but it works better in all other areas.  I have several other numbers both on Google Voice  and U.S.Cellular at the time of this update, which may change as better services are found or improved.


Call me or email me regarding Faxing.

Just in case you missed it, check out the About Section to learn more.  Enjoy the exploration.

You may be here looking for Solar, Bee Products such as honey or pollen, Organic Gardening, or Product Development such as Electric Vehicles or any of a numerous list of subjects.

I have created several groups on Facebook so send me a friend request and I will gladly accept it and look up my local groups the start with “SandSpringOK” such as “SandSpringsOK Solar Coop” and then you will fine the world wide groups such as “SolarSchool” and other subject related to the above mentioned subjects.

Groups are the best way on Facebook to share ideas, current events or developments, and easily show the in full color both in text and pictures.  Go to the “Contact” menu at this site to get all my contact information.

I am totally retired from Land Surveying and no longer do any work related to the profession anymore and enjoy the peace of retirement and unrelated projects so see below for referrals or go to the resource tab at this website.  If it is solar system related, or related to any of my hobbies, send me all your contact details and what you want to do or questions.

If it is survey or land mapping related, please call David Lacy at 918-519-1873 and  include documents such as land descriptions, previous land surveys, map address location, latitudes/longitudes of the site, and any other evidence that can be used to help your project preferably via email to him as attachments.  Your best bet is to contact a surveyor nearest you and let David collaborate with them if needed for your site.  He is best to text to that phone number and he can follow up with all the other contact information for his current information.




Solar Related Interests

Solar Related Interests

Retired Surveyor now involved in Solar Panel Grid-Tie Systems, Portable Power House Designs (PPHD)Gardening, Bee Keeping & Products,   and Electric Vehicle projects locally.
918-401-0061 cell main Solavei Unlimited All phone
Go to for more information and sign up with Solavei there.
 Google Voice (rings all my phones at same time*)
3001 S. 137th W. Ave.
Sand Springs, OK 74063

Land Surveyor’s United (LSU or go to Member Map Administrator (MMA)
*Google Voice Main Phone Number = 918-261-4279 (GARY =4279) Leave me a message. If calling from a cell phone, you may text me or leave voice message.
Google will send your message to my cell phone and I can also access it from almost any INTERNET device. In addition, it translates and interprets voice and sends me a text version. All free!
You can also call my other 2 phone numbers and Google Voice will do the same. Get Google Voiçe.
Find me mostly near Lat,Lon of 36.12068,- 96.14577 in decimal degrees.