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Plans for Pre-Harvest of Honey for next season

Plans for Pre-Harvest of Pollen for next season

Plans for next season (archive info)


Facebook Resources:    See my posts and other posts at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SandSpringsOKBeeCoop/  = “SandSpringsOK Backyard Bee Coop” that I created for the local general public and https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeekeepingExtreme/ = “Beekeeping Extreme” that I created for and in honor to Lloyd for his world wide quests and advice for the subject on Facebook .  Things are changing so contact me on Facebook via “Gary W. Breisch” or email me  via gbreisch@gmail.com or text me at 918-261-4279 for more current information.  Other Facebook resources include “BeekeepingUnited” and “BeekeepersUnited” for those who are already beekeepers or are wanting to become beekeepers.  Also “BeeSchool” is a source of information.  Most groups are “open” as a Facebook classification and only a select few are classified as “secret” to confine the posts only to the members and not to to the public to limit the spam and for a specific purpose of networking serious beekeepers or those who want to become beekeepers the organic way and are leaning ways to become more sustainable in their methods.

Human Resources:     I work with several local beekeepers and was especially inspired by Helen Hickey, and others locally to help bring local honey to you when available.  You will never know the difference from the fake honey and so called local honey that is shipped into your area from places way out there until you try real, unheated, pure local honey, that we sell locally.  I personally think it is better than any medicine that I have used for many uses plus a basic food and compliment to other natural health foods.

Honey Local Resources:  Email me, text me, or Facebook me (Gary W. Breisch is my Facebook Name), for a list of current or proposed availability,   prices, and special order information.

See below for Next season’s plans.

 Plans for Pre-Harvest of Local Bee Products:  This is subject to change.  Plans are to increase  honey production with more hives at the main bee farm site (apiary) and to start having it available before the season with those having pre-harvest half pint, pint, quart, half-gallon, and gallon glass standard canning type jars as first come first served for Local Honey.  1/4 and 1/2 pint jars for Fresh Frozen Pollen.  Price per pint will be based on quantity of crop and other costs influences.  Generally pre-harvest customers save on cost of new jars by providing their own jars or bulk containers and get a better price due to savings of labels, transportation, quantity discount factors, and inventory storage costs that the beekeeper and his helpers have.   One big advantage to the pre-harvest system is getting your honey before it runs out for your year’s supply so you will not run out.

2014 was a great year for honey but shy for Pollen.  I created a larger network of beekeepers locally so that a co-op source of near 1000 hives for honey and I am training other beekeepers to harvest more fresh pollen and to trap more propolis.

Back in 2010 was one of the smallest crops of honey.  Someone out of town came down from up north Bartlesville or Claremore and bought out the honey crop at $15/pint and sold it there for $20/pint.  In 2013 I decided to keep it more local and started the “Pre-Harvest” order system which helped locals have their honey before it gets shipped out of the area.  I dedicated almost all the resources I have here to making sure I was stocked up too so people could buy honey and other bee products for months after the harvest if possible.  I am typing this December 17th and I still have enough honey to last for months unless we get a run of cases like last year’s honey.  Lloyd had about 2300 pounds of honey in 2012 so we had honey till March of 2013 from the 2 crops that were harvested in 2012.

 Plans are to increase our pollen collection and to start having it available in March  with those having pre-harvest half pint jars as first come first served.  Sometimes dry spell have drastically affected the season’s production.  We may not be able to meet the demand of the pre-harvest orders if the bees are late or slow about collections. 

A simple system has been created to take care of all advanced orders for Bee Products. Bee Sides orders for honey, pollen, and other specialties, you may want to consider your own bee hive. Regular and display hives are useful and fun. I plan to stock BeeBoxes (Bee Hive containers) ready for the bees and complete with frames, tops, and bottoms. Here is how I plan to do this. Come by and purchase your own BeeBox first and we will number it in order of purchase set the priority you filling the BeeBox with bees. The price will not include the bees but as the bees are obtained, you will be able to pick up your Box of Bees ready to place in your garden and learn beekeeping from the experienced and innovative beekeepers locally. The balance of your single story Bee System will be due upon fulfillment, if and when the bee hive is transferred to your box here at my place or at one of our alternate sites near you if possible. Details will bee available as they unfold and as I have boxes in stock. We have over about 100 BeeBoxFame units either built or soon available. We do not have enough tops and bottoms for all 100 or so hives due to some clients wanting to use them a second or added stories (called supers) for existing and requested orders. Another networking beekeeper tells me that he will have to work hard to find enough bees to fill all the orders he already has at his site, however, if plans work out, more people will have a box for their bees to be filled as we have more hive splits based on the capture of swarms from onsite hives and or from those that want us to remove bees or come out to their place to capture a swarm before it flies away.

Have you ever seen a “Display Hive”? Ask me about them. I plan to have one at the Sand Springs, OK site. More details as they develop.

I am now taking advanced orders for next crop scheduled (estimated for end of July). I will plan taking custom orders year round. For all custom orders, especially for gallon and 5 gallon orders, clients need to provide their own containers clean and with their names and phone numbers (email too if can) on the jars or containers for all custom orders. We normally only have pints and quarts which we provide jars or you can save a bit by doing the same on them. Prices expected to be the same as last or more depending on the season harvest.

All of you faithful clients be sure to stock up because we will probably run out early due to the demand for the dramatic increase in demand for local raw unheated honey since last season. The word is out on the health of local unheated raw honey and pollen products and I will plan to dedicate more time to prepare for that demand with your help. Thousands of pounds of  honey is harvested locally though my sources last year and with more people into beekeeping and working with me, I hope to double that for the next season realistically.

I also plan on custom orders for cap comb & honey mix in pint or quart jars. Orders, once confirmed may require a deposit before they are processed or prepared during or before extraction and/or actual harvest.

*** Those that have honey credit jars waiting for them need to pick them up ASAP.
Bee Products

A beekeeper usually produces and sells honey, pollen, propolis, beeswax, and also beehives. If you are interested in any of these products, please contact me at 918-261-4279 at the Sand Springs, OK site and BeeStore at my Local Bee Product Outlet or the Local Beekeeper Outlet there. A listing of prices is below.
Product — Unit — Price

Current Prices can be sent via Facebook Private Message or via EMail.

Previous year’s Beehives With Bees — 1 single story hive — $300.00 – bees are rare and price for them will likely go up so we need a better network to rescue the bees or relocate them away from poisons that are being used especially by utility companies and individuals for their lawns and gardens for both insects and weeds.  “cides” of all types are killing the bees and we need more public awareness to stop poisoning the bees and ourselves down the line.

Bees are one of the  most sensitive indicators of clean air, water, and food.  They are trying to tell us to go organic and learn the basics to do so.  The powerful rich chemical companies do not want you to know the truth so bee pro-active and change things for the better with clean air, water, and food that has not been genetically altered to produce poison or whatever just to look good but cause you health problems so the pharmaceutical companies can cash in on your sickness.

Quantity discounts available – Custom Orders – Site Pickup Only for above prices – Call for Shipping cost and arrangements
Contact Gary W. Breisch at 918-261-4279 or go to www.gbreisch.com for other details for contact information and options. (Site undergoing revision so look for Contact pulldown menu and read to bottom)



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