I started back into gardening in 2010 slowly just before I retired.  My 1 acre homestead site that I moved to in 1973 has changed a lot since I started to landscape my land to retain, utilize, and store more rain water.  The drought started in 2011 and tapered off in 2014 with rainfall finally catching up in July or August but then got dryer again. It may continue on till 2017 or beyond which presents a problem to local organic gardeners.
I am experimenting and learning a lot every year thanks to others, especially some Facebook Master Gardeners who have helped me the most so far.
I created a Facebook group that has really grown and helped to called “SandSpringsOK backyard gardener’s coop”  at and have created other groups for similar or different local interests beginning with the name “SandSpringsOK” and similar world wide groups with names like “SolarSchool”.  Check them out.
Retired Surveyor now involved in Solar Panel Grid-Tie Systems, Portable Power House Designs (PPHD)Gardening, Bee Keeping & Products,  and Electric Vehicle projects locally.
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Find me mostly near Lat,Lon of 36.12068,- 96.14577 in decimal degrees.